Friday, September 30, 2016

Denim Hexies

I'll admit it.  I get most of my inspiration from all the other crafty people on the internet.  I'm not a trendsetter, not someone that comes up with wonderful new patterns and new ways of doing things.  But show me a picture, and I can duplicate it.  And I'm ok with that.  Which brings me to the point of this post....I am so stinkin' proud of this quilt I just finished!  I have scoured the internet and have been unable to find another one that's similar!

So a couple weeks back I was cutting up a couple of jelly rolls that I bought on clearance.  I had decided to cut them into half hexagons a la the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Now I'm sure this pattern and way of making a hexagon quilt isn't anything new.  But, as I'm cutting them out I think to myself that this would make a super cool and simple denim quilt if I enlarged the hexagons.  Because of the thickness, I don't like fussy patterns for denim quilts.  And, I have a box full of old blue jeans from family members and some I pick up here and there.  When I can, I go ahead and cut strips from the legs measuring 6 inches wide.  Why 6"?  Well, because that's the width of my 24 inch ruler and I just thought that was a good size for making quick strip quilts from them.

I did some internet searching on proper hexagon dimensions, and don't ask me for specifics because it just about short circuited my brain, but I was finally able to design a half hexagon template that is 6 inches tall.

I used all shades of blue jeans, a pair of tan corduroy pants, a striped pair of overalls, and even a piece that had appliqued flowers on it.  And when I thought it needed more contrast, I simply used the back side of some of the jeans!

The back of the quilt was a tan and navy plaid sheet that I had picked up at Goodwill a while back.  While I was excited to be able to use the sheet, and a couple others recently, I don't think I'll be doing it again once I've run out.  I guess it has to do with the thread machine tension gets a little funny on the back.

For the quilting, I did some simple round and round circles in each hexagon.  My daughters says they look like cinnamon rolls.

I just LOVE this quilt and am tempted to keep it.  But, I think it will be going in my Etsy shop with a couple others.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello, World!

I'm Nancy, nice to meet  you.

I am a small business owner that specializes in t-shirt quilts, mostly.  Some baby clothes quilts and memorial quilts occasionally.

Although I am usually busy working on commissioned quilts, I try to find time to work on my own projects.  This is where I hope to share those.  And I'll probably talk about my dogs, too.